Author Guidelines

Authors must submit the manuscript online by first registering as a writer on the website For each article submitted, the author must follow the terms and conditions in accordance with the Style Guide Health Journal (can be downloaded on the Style Guide page)

  1. The text submitted by the author is an original scientific work, has never been published, and is not being submitted for publication in other media/journals.
  2. The proposed text can be in the form of study results (field/literature), conceptual ideas, studies, theory application, and criticism in the social, humanities, and technology fields.
  3. Manuscripts can be written in Indonesian or English. Manuscripts are written in Times New Roman, font 12 with single spacing and one column.
  4. The manuscript begins with an abstract of 100-150 words written in Indonesian and English. English abstracts should be typed in italics with the letter type 10. Titles, abstracts, and keywords are written in Indonesian and English. The abstract must clearly show the background to the problem, the objectives, theory and method, the findings or novelty of the idea, and the main conclusions.
  5. The author's name is written without an academic degree. If the manuscript is written by a team or more than one person, the editor will only communicate with the main author or the author whose name is listed first.
  6. The manuscript is organized into five subheadings in the following order: (a) Introduction: includes problem identification, literature review, research objectives, and research benefits, (b) Method: consists of how the research was carried out and a description of the materials, equipment and procedures used in conducting analysis or research, (c) Results and discussion: describes the results of research or analysis and can be presented in sub-chapters, (d) Conclusions: written in summary form and if necessary, each paragraph containing the conclusions of the study can be numbered. (e) Bibliography: Bibliography arranged alphabetically by referring to APA Style of Citation. Use the Mendeley app for easy reference inclusion. Review scripts can be written in Indonesian or English for 5-7 pages.
  7. The manuscript is written in the following order: book identity, author biography, introduction, discussion, and cover. The obituary manuscript can be written in Indonesian or English in 3-5 pages. The sources of literature/citations listed in the manuscript are the main reference sources in the form of research reports or articles published in scientific journals/magazines in the last 10 pages. year.
  8. The citation writing technique uses the attached reference technique (name, year). The article format meets the Health Journal Style Guide. The article has never been published in any media and is not being sent to another journal. The article does not contain any plagiarism, forgery and falsification of data.
  9. This journal does not charge any fees
  10. Template can be downloaded at